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The Injury Legal Team has decades of experience fighting for families and victims of serious injuries. Here are some of our recent publications and interviews.

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The Injury Legal Team in the Media

Quoted, David B. Bobrosky:  Self-Driving Car Tech in Crosshairs as Feds Probe Tesla CrashLaw360, April 2021

Andrew L. Shapiro & David B. Bobrosky recognized: 2021 Southern California Super Lawyers – Super Lawyers Magazine, January 2021

Andrew L. Shapiro recognized: Best Lawyers in America, Personal InjuryBest Lawyers in America 2021 Edition, August 2020

Author, Andrew L. Shapiro: Colliding Apps: Analyzing Ride-Hailing and Scooter Share Services Injury Laws – Valley Lawyer, July 2019

Author, Andrew L. Shapiro: Product Liability Litigation Tests Jurors’ Perspectives – Valley Lawyer, March 2018

Our Mission

We fight to reach the best possible outcome for each and every client.

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Our Team

Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience helping accident victims fight for the compensation they deserve.

We have helped numerous clients recover millions of dollars in damages, both in settlements reached outside the courtroom, and in awards won through litigation.

During our many years as personal injury attorneys, we have seen all kinds of cases. The circumstances of each case may be different, but our desire to obtain outstanding results never changes.

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If you or someone you love has been the victim of a life-changing accident, we understand how devastating it can be for your family.

Call us as soon as you can for experienced, dedicated, and compassionate representation in personal injury and wrongful death cases. At Personal Injury Power Lawyers, our team of dedicated personal injury lawyers will use all of the resources available to help you and your family when you need it most.

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